Child Custody Investigations

Are you involved in a child custody dispute in NZ? The foundation of a successful child custody battle is the procurement of substantial evidence. At Trojan Investigation and Security, our experts specialise in gathering critical information for a compelling case.

Over the past decade, we have honed our expertise in evidence-gathering strategies, including surveillance, background checks, and open-source intelligence scanning. These strategies have empowered numerous parents to demonstrate that their children are best placed in their care.

Obtaining custody of your child often requires presenting compelling evidence to support your claims. However, assembling this evidence can be a daunting task on your own, and it may be viewed with scepticism if not collected independently. Having the appropriate evidence ensures the courts can make the most informed decision regarding your child’s welfare.

We understand the complexity and emotional toll that a child custody battle can exact, and we recognise the importance of a swift resolution for you and your children. At Trojan Investigation and Security, our dedicated team will gather the evidence you need for your peace of mind.

We compile critical evidence into a court-standard formal report that you can utilise to safeguard the well-being of your children. At Trojan Investigation and Security, we measure success by providing you with court-standard evidence and peace of mind.

Child Custody for Parents

We provide verifiable evidence in child custody for parents, offering the resources needed to address child custody matters confidently.

Whether hiring a private investigator for cheating husband or to gather hard evidence for a child custody case, the team at Trojan Investigation and Security will ensure you receive professional and court-standard formal reporting.

Helping You Care For Your Children

Our private investigators excel in collating evidence for child custody claims. In child custody battles, having this evidence is essential for achieving the fairest and most responsible resolution.

Child Custody Dynamics

Our investigators possess the knowledge of New Zealand procedures for the custody of children to significantly elevate your case-building strategy.

Thorough NZ Documentation

Engaging a private investigator from Trojan Investigation and Security offers a distinct advantage – we undertake the collection and documentation of critical evidence for your case, and present gathered information in a court-standard formal report.

The evidence amassed for our family and corporate/ workplace investigation process often takes the form of voice recordings, photographs, and videos. Our investigators ensure the evidence we compile meets the standards of admissibility in court.

Professional Surveillance

Armed with advanced surveillance equipment and an elevated level of professionalism, our investigator can lawfully uncover crucial information to bolster your case.

During surveillance, our investigators often uncover signs of child maltreatment by either a parent or their associates. Our investigations operate outside of residential areas.

Our investigators also scrutinise a parent’s actions when the child is not present. These inquiries often arise when one parent suspects or is aware of their partner’s personal issues that indirectly affect the child. These issues might encompass substance abuse, gambling, or risky behaviour like reckless driving.

Understanding Your Options

Child custody matters necessitate comprehensive knowledge of your rights and the choices at your disposal. While we strongly advise seeking guidance from a legal professional for informed decision-making in your child’s best interests, our expertise lies in conducting child custody investigations. We provide you with credible and verifiable evidence to bolster your position, ensuring your concerns are addressed and your rights are recognised.

Child custody disputes for mothers and fathers in NZ demand a comprehensive approach that accounts for emotional, and logistical considerations. From gathering evidence to formulating strategic plans, our team is committed to empowering parents, grandparents or family members with the tools they need to make informed decisions that safeguard the best interests of their children.

Need Assistance With Your Child Custody Case in NZ?

Our team of investigators at Trojan Investigation and Security is here to offer comprehensive assistance in evidence gathering for child custody.

Child custody holds immense significance for the well-being and care of parents and their children. At Trojan Investigation and Security, we understand the sensitivity surrounding these matters. Our commitment is to provide unwavering support, guidance, and effective solutions for mothers and families across New Zealand.

Please note: Trojan Investigation and Security does not provide and/or replace legal advice. We highly recommend you seek legal advice regarding your specific case.

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