Security Consultant

Seeking a comprehensive security strategy? Trojan Investigation and Security offers specialised security consultant services to assess and enhance your security infrastructure.

Security challenges necessitate the involvement of seasoned professionals. Our security consultants are adept at meticulously evaluating current security measures, recognising vulnerabilities, and proposing informed enhancements tailored to specific requirements.

Reducing Risk, Improving Safety

In reducing risk, improving safety, and providing bespoke security services, Trojan Investigation and Security has established its prominence in delivering reliable security services. Our esteemed clientele encompasses government entities, sports organisations, hotels and hospitality, musical artists, and high-net-worth individuals. Such diversity in our portfolio highlights our capability to address a wide spectrum of security demands within New Zealand’s private security environment. We remain committed to maintaining the highest industry standards, ensuring the interests and safety of our clients are paramount.

Our consultants emphasise a comprehensive approach to security, delving into all facets of safety to devise and implement effective strategies.

Security Consultant Services

Trojan Investigation and Security offers a range of security services, alongside investigative methods to ensure your peace of mind.

Bespoke Security Reviews

Comprehensive security reviews are essential for identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing your protective measures. Our security consultancy assessment process involves scrutinising every aspect of your security setup, allowing us to recommend effective improvements.

Security Consultancy

Benefit from our expertise in the private security sector. Our consultancy services provide actionable insights and strategies. This level of dedication is paralleled by our private investigators in the personal and workplace investigation process.

Workplace Training

Trojan Investigation and Security offers specialised training modules including conflict de-escalation, responding to high risk scenarios and general security techniques to address diverse security requirements.

Residential Security

Our residential security solutions are designed to focus on the safety of your home and family, ensuring protection against potential threats.

Asset Protection

Asset protection services are essential to safeguard valuable possessions from unauthorised access and potential damage.

Concierge Service

Experience the convenience of a seamless and secure concierge service. Our concierge services provide a secure environment without compromising on the quality of hospitality.


Our personnel are trained to provide security in a range of environments, from private to public settings.

Security Drivers

Our trained drivers prioritise your safety during transit, employing defensive driving techniques and proactive measures to ensure secure transportation.

Event Security

From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, our event security services are tailored to create a secure atmosphere for all attendees. Our security consultant team will manage crowd control, access points, and potential risks, allowing you to focus on hosting a successful event.

Maritime Security

Our maritime security services are comprehensive, encompassing vessel security and crew training.

Contact Our Security Consultants Directly

Understanding the unique needs of each client is paramount to our service offering. We invite potential clients to discuss their requirements without any obligations. Your safety and security are our primary concerns, and Trojan Investigation and Security is ready to assist. For further information on our services and past projects in New Zealand, please contact our consultants directly.

Whether your needs call for discreet bodyguarding, vigilant security drivers, or seamless event security orchestration, we are fully equipped to meet your precise requirements.

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