Travel and Lost luggage Private Investigations

Recent staff shortages following a significant increase in air travel nationally and internationally have resulted in huge amounts of lost luggage, resulting in dissatisfied customers, insurance claims and a very real need for people to need assistance with finding and recovering lost luggage.

Phone waiting times of over four hours are not uncommon and our diligent and efficient private investigators are able to attend Auckland Airport and assist our clients find and recover lost luggage, this service is particularly useful for people who have flown internationally into Auckland Airport but live outside of Auckland and as a result cannot easily re-attend the airport to find and recover their own luggage.

  • Attend Auckland Airport on your behalf, no need to wait on the phone
  • Liaise in person with baggage handling department managers
  • Conduct private investigation and locate lost luggage
  • Arrange speedy return of luggage to owners
  • Full report to assist with insurance claim

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