Due Diligence

Do you require due diligence investigation services? Whether you need a formal due diligence process for a new project or have concerns about someone new in your life, Trojan Investigation and Security can assist in ensuring transparent and informed decisions.

Due diligence is an essential practice in business transactions, involving a thorough and comprehensive analysis. At Trojan Investigation and Security, we offer a focused, confidential approach to unearthing essential due diligence insights.

Due Diligence Investigation Auckland & NZ

Bring clarity to the intricacies of business ventures and personal relationships with Trojan Investigation and Security’s adept due diligence investigation in Auckland & NZ.

We investigate personal and organisational challenges, whether for verifying new tenants’ credentials, premarital relationship background checks, pre-merger investigations, partner evaluations, or workplace scenarios.

Ever considered the significance of due diligence in your NZ business dealings? Our investigations are skillfully crafted to address the many facets of the due diligence process. From due diligence to private investigations, insurance fraud investigations and more, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluations. We explore all aspects of due diligence, with background screening that scrutinises PPSR records, bankruptcy records and more.

With our commitment to transparency and accuracy, we are your trusted partners in investigation for business and personal relationships.

Understanding Due Diligence

Whether you’re hiring, forming business partnerships, or conducting relationship background checks, Trojan IS offers custom due diligence services using open-source research to support your decisions.

Our investigations cover credit checks, PPSR records, asset ownership, and more. This legally obtained, non-public information helps create profiles and assess potential risks. Our services are valuable for starting businesses, investor research, pre-employment checks, screening tenants or nannies, premarital background checks, and more.

Contact Trojan IS for a confidential consultation. Our expertise, your peace of mind.

Our Investigations

A due diligence investigation is a critical process in various aspects of decision-making, such as hiring, forming partnerships, or conducting background checks. Trojan IS specialises in providing tailored background checks and due diligence services utilising open-source research to support informed choices.

From due diligence to security consultant services, at Trojan Investigation and Security, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluations.

Exploring Different Dimensions of Due Diligence Investigations

Whether you’re venturing into a new business endeavour, considering an investment, or simply need to verify someone’s background, our due diligence services are designed to offer you clarity and confidence in your decision-making process. We understand that due diligence is not a one-size-fits-all concept, it encompasses various dimensions, each essential to a comprehensive evaluation.

With Trojan IS, you have a partner dedicated to unravelling the complexities of due diligence, ensuring you have the information you need for informed and strategic decisions.

Our Business Investigation Services

At Trojan Investigation and Security, we recognise the crucial role integrity plays in a successful organisation. Our workplace investigations offer a thorough examination of your company’s inner workings. Integrity concerns in employment can significantly harm an organisation, affecting its finances, culture, and brand. Responding swiftly, resolutely, and appropriately is essential to meet the expectations of customers, team members, shareholders, and the community.

We address issues like employee misconduct, theft, and employment contract breaches. Our experienced investigators navigate workplace challenges adeptly, revealing verifiable evidence to protect your company’s values and reputation. From workplace investigations to due diligence, personal background checks and more, at Trojan IS, our expertise is your peace of mind.

Partner With Us for Informed Decisions

Trojan IS conducts due diligence investigations that enhance your strategic decision-making. Our seasoned investigators possess the expertise to provide reliable insights that empower your informed decisions.

Contact our team at Trojan Investigation and Security today to address your personal or organisational challenges, whether for verifying new tenants’ credentials, premarital relationship background checks, pre-merger investigations, partner evaluations, or workplace scenarios. Learn more about our comprehensive services for companies throughout NZ.

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