GPS Vehicle tracking

Want to know the location of a vehicle, person, or asset? Need evidence showing an employee or loved one’s live location, where they visit, the routes taken, or speed they’re travelling?

GPS tracking is a powerful tool for discovering evidence, intelligence and ensuring peace of mind for organisations, families, or those in a relationship where they suspect trust has been broken.

Trojan Investigation and Security combine our expertise with the latest GPS tracking systems and software for a range of surveillance investigations for our private and commercial clients.

The covert GPS device sends a signal to specifically designated satellites enabling the monitoring of the device in real time 24/7 on your IOS or Android personal device or computer.

Covert GPS trackers are used regularly in conjunction with our surveillance services, to compliment and assist our surveillance team with gathering intelligence and evidence. We also provide detailed easy to digest reports of the vehicle, asset or persons movements which can be overlaid into maps to make the data easier to translate.

Where there are issues of trust within a relationship, vehicles belonging to your family which constitute relationship property and are readily accessible can be fitted with a GPS tracking device.

Establishing and recording evidence of your loved one’s movements and location can be undertaken covertly and in real time or recorded over a longer period and viewed historically.

If you are a carer to an elderly or vulnerable person, a concerned parent of children walking to school or on trip away or have a teenager who is out driving late at night, you can monitor their location and speed for their safety utilising small, advanced GPS trackers.

Vehicles owned by an organisation can be tracked using GPS, providing accurate details of its speed, movement, and location in real time. This enables an organisation to evaluate any misuse of the vehicle by its operator, private use of the vehicle, where it stops, and the length of time at each stop can be documented.

Other assets, expensive items of furniture, paintings etc can also be GPS tracked giving the client an exact location at any time, particularly helpful if they require transit locally internationally or globally.

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