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Trojan IS provides bespoke private investigator and security solutions. We are dedicated professionals, providing expertise throughout Auckland and New Zealand.

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The Trojan Difference

Our founding director’s experience was forged in a distinguished career in London’s Metropolitan Police. This brings a wealth of international experience combined with significant local knowledge of Aotearoa’s corporate and domestic investigation and security landscape. We specialise in customer driven and results focused solutions, putting you first. The Trojan team is dedicated to supporting you through challenging times, obtaining the results you need to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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Private Investigator

Private Investigation

Our Private Investigators specialise in family and corporate investigations, our expertise lies in child custody battles, infidelity, and compromises of trust, through to business fraud and breaches of restraint of trade.

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Trojan Investigation and Security


Government departments, sports teams, music celebrities and ultra-high net worth individuals, our successful clients demand the highest standard and we consistently deliver our holistic security approach ensuring safety and peace of mind.

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Looking for a professional private investigator? Personal affairs demand expert attention, accuracy, and discretion. At Trojan Investigation and Security, we pride ourselves on specialising in meticulous investigation, security and surveillance services. Our emphasis on evidence-based methods and client confidentiality ensures we provide the security and peace of mind you deserve.

Our private investigators have the expertise to navigate complex situations. From family matters to corporate challenges, our multifaceted approach delivers precision, discretion and care, providing you with revealing information through our investigative services.

Our robust experience and unyielding commitment make us your trusted partner for comprehensive and bespoke investigation and security solutions.

Private Investigator Auckland & NZ

At Trojan Investigation and Security, we specialise in providing premier private investigator services in Auckland & NZ. Whether dealing with complex family matters, corporate challenges, or personal concerns, our experienced New Zealand private investigators are committed to delivering results that matter.

Every case is distinct, whether for a workplace investigation process or a family investigation, and our investigation approach is driven by a pursuit of factual evidence.

With a team of seasoned investigators, we have the tools and techniques to approach each case systematically, ensuring that all investigations are thorough and conclusive.

The Trojan IS Difference

We benefit from the rich background of our founding director, whose experience with London’s Metropolitan Police has laid the groundwork for our methodologies. By integrating international investigative standards with localised NZ insights, Trojan IS is a trusted service provider for many clients in Auckland and throughout Aotearoa.

As your professional private investigator in Auckland and NZ, our core operational principles encompass:

• Professionalism: Our conduct is guided by professionalism and ethical principles, ensuring a respectful and diligent investigation process.

• Discretion: We respect your privacy and maintain strict confidentiality throughout our engagement, safeguarding your information and concerns.

• Result-Focused: Our approach is focused on producing tangible, evidence-based results for our clients.

• Available 24/7: Recognising that certain situations require immediate attention, our team will serve clients’ needs at any hour.

Private Investigation and Security Services

Our offerings extend beyond conventional investigation services, encompassing a holistic security consultant and private investigator approach that spans from family matters to corporate examinations throughout New Zealand. Our expertise ranges from child custody, background checks, surveillance, and tracing or locating a person to investigating insurance fraud and organising security for a range of events.

Navigating Sensitive Family Matters with Care

In family disputes, particularly in sensitive cases like child custody, our approach is always centred on unbiased fact-finding and objectivity. Our investigators ensure clients are equipped with all the pertinent information they need to make informed decisions.

Complex Infidelity Investigations

The nature of infidelity investigations demands a blend of tact and thoroughness. At Trojan IS, we specialise in handling such cases, concentrating our efforts on gathering undeniable, concrete evidence. Our factual reports ensure clients have clear insights to move forward with confidence.

Upholding Trust and Integrity in Corporate Settings: From Background Checks to Business Fraud

Corporate challenges demand an unwavering commitment to integrity and compliance. Trojan IS adeptly investigates potential breaches of trust, fraud cases, and other business-related investigations. Our team works diligently to offer businesses insights that not only resolve existing concerns, but also fortify future operations.

A Holistic Approach to Security

Our security strategies cater to a wide array of clients, from government bodies to high-profile individuals and sports teams. We view security as more than just a service, but as a commitment to ensuring safety and stability, whether involving physical protection or advanced digital countermeasures.

Connect With Our Private Investigators

Every engagement at Trojan Investigation and Security starts with an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of our clients. This client-first approach ensures tailored solutions, whether the concern is personal or corporate. Our expansive capabilities, from child custody to corporate compliance, offer clients a reliable solution for all investigative needs.

We invite all those in need of investigative insight or security solutions in NZ to contact our team and experience the Trojan IS difference. Our commitment is to harness our vast expertise to address each client’s investigation or security challenges comprehensively.


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