Workplace Investigation Process

Do you have a strategy for detecting and addressing employment integrity issues? Discover how our tailored workplace investigation process leads to effective resolutions.

Issues related to employment integrity can significantly harm an organisation, affecting its finances, culture, and brand. Timely, resolute, and appropriate responses are vital to meet the expectations of customers, team members and shareholders. Explore our expertise in supporting various workplace investigation services, including but not limited to employee theft, fraud, corruption, and misconduct.

Workplace Investigations

Partner with Trojan Investigation and Security for effective, transparent workplace investigations. Our highly skilled and experienced team plays a crucial role in assisting our clients with a wide range of integrity issues that may impact their organisation, staff, brand, and finances. We are dedicated to ensuring that your organisation maintains its integrity and upholds the trust of your stakeholders.

From the implications of financial risks to the erosion of cultural cohesion and the gradual degradation of your brand’s reputation; swift, precise, and fitting responses are a necessity, whether for a background check NZ, restraint of trade disputes, workplace theft or other workplace challenges.

At Trojan Investigation and Security, we ensure your peace of mind, whether for issues related to fraud, corruption, or employee misconduct. We assist you in quickly establishing the facts needed for informed decision-making.

Trojan Investigation and Security: Our Comprehensive Investigation Process

Taking swift and decisive action is vital in minimising the impact when issues arise. Responding promptly, decisively, and appropriately is as significant as the issue itself.

Our skilled team possesses a wealth of experience in investigation, poised to respond to integrity challenges that might threaten your organisation, its workforce, reputation, and financial stability.

Our Investigations

Our expert team has handled a diverse range of cases through an effective investigation process, assembling workplace information to clarify complex situations. From uncovering employee breaches to intellectual property theft, our private investigators have conducted investigations for various scenarios.

Explore our comprehensive workplace investigation processes, showcasing our team’s expertise, resilience, and commitment to uncovering valuable evidence in your workplace.

Restraint of Trade Disputes

Navigating restraint of trade disputes with investigation requires a delicate touch. Our experienced investigator team handles these disputes with precision, ensuring a fair workplace resolution that upholds both professional and legal boundaries.

Employment Breaches

When breaches of employment terms arise at work, we can investigate and safeguard your organisation’s integrity. Our workplace investigative expertise ensures these breaches are effectively addressed, protecting your organisation’s reputation.

Instances of Workplace Theft

Instances of workplace theft can undermine trust and erode the work environment. Our investigators bring clarity to situations that demand immediate attention.

Timesheet Manipulation

Manipulation of workplace timesheets can cast doubt over an organisation’s transparency. With expert investigating processes, our team meticulously uncovers discrepancies.

Intellectual Property Theft

In a world driven by innovation, preserving intellectual property is crucial. Our investigators work diligently to uncover instances of intellectual property theft through our investigation process, safeguarding your organisation’s creative assets.

Concealed Competitor Affiliations and Conflicts of Interest

Hidden affiliations and conflicts of interest can compromise the integrity of your organisation. Our investigation expertise exposes these hidden connections, with our workplace investigator ensuring fairness within your business.

Grave Employee Misconduct

Instances of grave employee misconduct, ranging from substance abuse to sexual harassment, demand a sensitive and thorough approach. Our experienced team navigates these complex work investigations, ensuring a just resolution that prioritises the well-being of all parties involved.

Investigator for Complex Work Challenges

We recognise the profound impact of fraud and employee misconduct on businesses. It extends beyond financial implications to affect your company’s culture and brand, potentially hindering your ability to attract top talent and discerning customers.

Taking prompt and decisive action within your workplace is crucial for minimising the fallout when issues arise. Mitigating the impact relies on an efficient investigation process that responds swiftly and precisely. This aligns your actions with the expectations of customers, team members, shareholders, and the wider community.

Effective Investigations

In times of complexity and stress, the Trojan IS team supports you with comprehensive investigations. Our aim is to provide you with confidence when dealing with issues like fraud, corruption, and employee misconduct. Our objective is straightforward: to assist you and your organisation in promptly ascertaining facts, making informed decisions, and addressing workplace challenges with resilience.

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