Insurance Fraud Investigations

Looking for support with potentially fraudulent claims on insurance? Learn how our investigators aid prominent insurance companies with reliable insurance fraud investigations, addressing suspicious claims on insurance with swift investigation.

If you’re questioning the validity of specific insurance claims, we can scrutinise and unveil fraudulent activities. As a trusted partner, we’re dedicated to unravelling the complexities of insurance fraud, offering clarity for you and your business.

Private Investigation for Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent activities within the insurance sector can compromise your company’s integrity and bottom line. The insurance industry faces an alarming reality: an estimated 10% of adults are believed to have filed dishonest insurance claims. This pressing issue underscores the indispensable need for thorough investigations into potential fraud.

At Trojan Investigation and Security, our expertise is your peace of mind. We specialise in insurance fraud investigations and services such as workplace investigations, restraint of trade inquiries, personal investigations, and private security. Our proficiency extends to pinpointing fraudulent practices in insurance claims.

Trojan’s established reputation stems from our commitment to uncovering deceptive practices with reliable and expert private investigation for insurance fraud, thus safeguarding the interests of the insurance sector.

Categories of Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Fraudulent activities in insurance manifest in various forms, including but not limited to:

  • Accident, sickness, and personal injury claims
  • Industrial injury claims
  • Home break-ins (burglary) claim
  • Vehicle theft or break-in claim
  • Lost property cases
  • Vehicle accident surveys

Fraud Investigations and Reports

Identifying fraudulent activities requires detailed scrutiny and definitive evidence. Trojan Investigation and Security offers services that establish facts and hard evidence to support fraudulent claims and avoid unnecessary payouts. Our seasoned investigators collaborate with some of New Zealand’s premier insurance companies, bringing experience and discretion to every case.

With experience in insurance fraud, background check NZ investigations, infidelity investigations, and much more, we’re equipped to succeed in even the most intricate cases of suspicion or potentially fraudulent claims.

We conduct comprehensive investigations through investigative methods, evidence and intelligence gathering from surveillance through to interviews, ensuring all evidence is in line with New Zealand regulations and court-standard reporting for legal proceedings.

Comprehensive Fraud Reporting

When our insurance investigations reveal dishonest or fraudulent claims on insurance, we present meticulously collected information and hard evidence. This fraud information serves the dual purpose of preventing false payouts and fostering the appropriate resolution.

Our team offers the service of impartially reviewing the contents of your insurance case files. Our skilled investigators objectively assess the merits of specific claims on insurance, guiding you toward informed decisions.

Pursuit of Transparency and Integrity

Trojan Investigation and Security has a legacy of collaboration with New Zealand’s leading insurance entities. Our primary objective is to bring transparency to suspicious insurance claims, revealing concealed truths.

Available 24/7, we merge traditional investigation techniques with modern technology, ensuring all practices align with New Zealand legal parameters. Each report adheres to the strictest legal benchmarks, primed for presentation in courtrooms or tribunals.

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