When you need to find out the facts—FAST—you need to hire a private investigator in NZ.

Are you dealing with infidelity, child custody battles or broken trust at home? Or perhaps insurance fraud, workplace theft, breaches of restraint of trade or employment contracts?

Utilising Trojan Investigation and Security’s expertise in surveillance will provide you with the results and the peace of mind you need.

Surveillance, observation, and monitoring involves our investigators covertly gathering information or evidence about someone.

Over the past decade we have developed effective covert surveillance strategies compatible with use in the corporate and domestic markets. The Trojan Investigation and Security team are highly skilled in surveillance and utilise state of the art equipment including GPS trackers and hidden cameras to obtain and record evidence.

Our surveillance services are most popular with a range of investigations that require precise detailed evidence to be gathered to obtain favourable outcomes for our clients.

Whilst a core portion of our surveillance operations are centered in personal matters such as infidelity and child custody, we also work with organisations looking to conduct due diligence on their employees and keep track of their competitors.

Regardless of the nature of the investigation, our agents work seamlessly and covertly in the field before documenting the evidence you need in court standard reports, containing written descriptions, high resolution still photographs and video imagery.

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